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The Advisory Panel and Management Team will meet in Anchorage on April 16-17, 2014 to review and discuss recommendations for the preliminary optimal response system (Task 1-2) and routing measures (Task 4). There will be a public portion of the meeting, including a brief presentation and opportunity for comment, beginning at 9:00 am on April 16.

The preliminary recommendation for Task 1-2, which will be the focus of the first day, provides three services levels for emergency towing, salvage, and oil spill response, in addition to recommending a management and funding structure and foundational services that would be part of an optimal response system.

On April 17, Advisory Panel members will be discussing and developing recommended routing measures through the Aleutian Islands. The intended routing measures would apply to vessels in international trade transiting through or past the Aleutians. The routing measure(s) identified would be used to develop an application and petition to the International Maritime Organization for adoption.

The Subarea Committee is invited to join this meeting. For more information, including the venue and background materials, please see:

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